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Root’s Old Mill Flea Market, 720 Graystone Road, Manheim, Pennsylvania, 717.898.7443

Root’s Old Mill Flea Market is located in Manheim, Pennsylvania and is open on Tuesdays throughout the year.  This flea market attracts more than one hundred and fifty vendors and thousands of visitors each month.  Root’s Old Mill Flea Market features new and used household and personal merchandise as well as antiques, collectibles, vintage and handcrafted items.


Circle Drive In Flea Market, Business Route 6, Dickson City, Pennsylvania, 570.489.5731

The Circle Drive In Flea Market is located in Dickson City, Pennsylvania and is open on Sundays from April thru November.  This outdoor flea market also serves as a farmers market featuring fresh farm produce, baked goods and cut flowers as well antiques, collectibles and vintage items.


Antiques in the Lehigh Valley, Agricultural Center Allentown, Fairgrounds, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 717.761.3921

Antiques in the Lehigh Valley is held a couple of times per year at the Agricultural Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  This great antique show features hundreds of dealers selling antique furniture, vintage glass and pottery, paintings, lithographs and other artwork as well as decorative accessories, memorabilia and other collectibles.


Renningers Antiques & Farmers Market, 740 Noble Street, Kutztown, Pennsylvania, 717.336.2177

Renningers Antiques & Farmers Market is held in Kutztown, Pennsylvania on Saturdays.  This outdoor antiques flea market has more than two hundred booths and attracts dealers and visitors from all around the country.  Renningers Antiques & Farmers Market features antiques and collectibles as well as fresh farm produce, baked goods, cut flowers and handcrafted items.

Colonial Valley Flea Market, 70 Madison Street, Hanover, Pennsylvania, 717.225.4811

Colonial Valley Flea Market is located in Hanover, Pennsylvania.  This indoor and outdoor flea market attracts hundreds of vendors and thousands of people per month.  Colonial Valley Flea Market features new and used merchandise, handcrafted items, antiques, collectibles and vintage items.  Additionally, this flea market has a petting zoo for the kids and hold several antique and classic car shows.


The Green Dragon Farmers Market, 955 North State Street, Ephrata, Pennsylvania, 717.738.1117

The Green Dragon is located in Ephrata, Pennsylvania and is open every Friday.  This farmers and flea market holds over four hundred vendors and thousands of visitors each month.  The Green Dragon Farmers Market features new and used merchandise, fresh farm produce and handcrafted items from local artisans.

Shupp's Grove Antiques & Collectibles, Route 272, Adamstown, Pennsylvania, 717.484.4115

Shupp”s Grove Antiques and Collectibles claims to be the first flea markets in the Adamstown, Pennsylvania area.  This flea market is one of the best attended flea markets in the area and it also holds three extravaganza weekends throughout the year.  Located in picturesque Lancaster County, Shupp’s Grove draws hundreds of dealers every weekend and has plenty of free parking and great food on the premises.  A visit to Lancaster County would not be complete without stopping in to check out this fabulous market.

Renningers Antique Market, Route 272, Adamstown, Pennsylvania, 717.336.2177

Renningers Antique Market is not only well known throughout Pennsylvania but around the United States as well.  They run two different markets, one Adamstown, Pennsylvania, the other in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.  Each of these market features hundreds of antiques and collectibles dealers and vendors during normal weekends and thousands more during their flea market extravaganza weekend. The also draw tens of thousands of people from around the country and around the world every year.  The only difference between the two markets is that at the Adamstown flea market, dealers must sell antiques and collectibles, where at the Kutztown location you might find other things such as crafts, jewelry and clothing.


More Flea Markets in Pennsylvania . . . > > >

Spotlight 88 Flea Market, Route 65 & 588, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, 724.538.4055?

Spotlight 88 Flea Market is located in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania and is open every Saturday and Sunday from April thru December.  This flea market attracts hundreds of vendors and thousands of visitors every month.  The Spotlight 88 Flea Market features new and used household items as well as antique furniture, vintage pottery and glass, jewelry and handcrafted items.


Bloomsburg Antiques Show, Bloomsburg Fairgrounds, 602 W Third Street, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, 570.323.5108

The Bloomsburg Antiques Show & Sale is an annual antique show held at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.  This antiques show is the largest is the largest indoor antique show in the Central Pennsylvania region and draws about seventy five antiques and collectibles dealers featuring antique furniture, vintage collectible art pottery and glass, jewelry, artwork, clocks and silver.

All Seasons Marketplace & Flea Market, Millcreek Mall Pavilion, Erie, Pennsylvania, 814.866.8580

All Seasons Market Place & Flea Market is open year round on Thursdays through Sundays.  They can accommodate more than 500 dealers and vendors they sell everything from antiques and collectibles to gifts, jewelry and crafts.  All Seasons Market Place and Flea Market has a total of 94,000 square feet, indoors and boasts plenty of free parking and great eateries.

Zerns Farmer’s Market, 1100 East Philadelphia Avenue, Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, 610.998.0960

Zerns Farmers Market is located in Gilbertville, Pennsylvania and is open on Fridays and Saturdays.  This farmers and flea market attracts hundreds of dealers and thousands of visitors from across the country.  Zerns Farmer’s Market features new and used merchandise as well as fresh farm produce, antiques, collectibles, tools, jewelry, handbags, and vintage items.


Route 15 Flea Market, 150 Silvermoon Lane, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, 570.568.8080

Route 15 Flea Market is located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania and is open Wednesday thru Sundays.  This flea market features hundreds of vendors and thousands of visitors from around the country.  The Route 15 Flea Market specializes in new and used household and personal merchandise as well as antiques, collectibles and vintage items.

The Pocono Bazaar, Route 209, Marshalls Creek, Pennsylvania, 570.223.8640?

The Pocono Bazaar is located in Marshalls Creek, Pennsylvania and is open year round on Saturdays and Sundays.  This flea market holds more than six hundred booths and attracts thousands of visitors from around the country.  The Pocono Bazaar features new and used household and personal merchandise, handcrafted items and antiques an collectibles including antique country furniture, vintage advertising, toys, pottery, china and glass.


Saturday's Farmer & Flea Market, 3751 E Harrisburg Pike, Middletown, Pennsylvania, 724.929.0234
Saturday’s Farmers and Flea Market is located in Middletown, Pennsylvania and is open year round on Saturdays and Sundays.  This flea market attracts more than three hundred dealers and thousands of visitors from around the country.  Saturdays Farmer & Flea Market features fresh farm produce, baked goods, fresh cut flowers and handcrafted items as well as antiques, collectibles and vintage merchandise.